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Founded more than 60 years ago by an engineer, Mr GEORGIN, the Regulation Department of ICE was specialised from the outset in the design and manufacture of the regulators necessary for optimising the operation of rotating machines.

The TECHNIREL range of regulators has been offering a comprehensive solution, ensuring safe and efficient operation of synchronous machines, both generators & motors, right from the start.

The TECHNIREL brand introduced in 1992 replaced the famous original Georgin regulators brand .

Thanks to the extent of its range and the expertise of its teams TECHNIREL can offer the broadest possible choice of solutions to ensure reliability and performance.

TECHNIREL products come in the form of aluminium R Type boxes ensuring them perfect protection.

These boxes, 3U high and of variable width up to 19, can be installed flush or projecting and, configured according to the needs of the application, they enable the user to constitute complete and homogeneous functional units.

Thanks to its references TECHNIREL is present in France and abroad in widely varying environments such as:

  • Very high buildings.
  • Hospitals.
  • Oil platforms.
  • Civilian and naval ships.
  • Airports.
  • Refineries.
  • Telecommunications centres.
  • Presidential palaces.
  • **Continuous or discontinuous process plants (sugar refineries, paper mills, cement plants, chemical & automobile plants ).
  • **All types of power stations.

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