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ICE is a partner and historical supplier of EDF, a company that it has always worked with through the technological developments of its electrical network, and the successive different levels of technology, while proposing ever more innovative, efficient and appropriate protection and automatic control systems, guarantors of a high level of quality and safety.

The operation of the French electricity distribution network (20 kV) is currently handled byEnedis from the transformer stations right through to end users.

Our protection and monitoring/control equipment is mainly fitted to source stations which are at the interfaces between the transportation and distribution networks.

From the equipment of HVB generating units to that of HVA cells, and HVB transformers, Ice is constantly listening to the operators and takes into account all their requirements, from design through to commissioning and including maintenance of the products over long periods.

We assure the sustainability and scalability of the equipment in operation, and more specifically for Enedis, by proposing a full range of protection and automatic control systems both for the old electronic and for the new digital plant series.


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ICE SAS is built around strong values shared by all giving meaning to our actions for more than 75 years.