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NP900 Series - IEC 61850 - Protection, control, measurement and monitoring IED

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NP900 Series - IEC 61850 - Protection, control, measurement and monitoring IED

Digital and multifunction protection relays dedicated to the protection of Feeders, Transformers, Generators, Motors & Busbars, the NP900 range covers all the functionalities in the protection of Industrial, Generation, Railway and Distribution electrical networks:

  • Feeder, Machine, Transformer, Voltage protection IEDs
  • Bay Control, Alarm annunciation and Indication IEDs
  • Power or Energy monitoring IEDs
This range incorporates numerous enhancements such as:
  • Customisable and intuitive HMI
  • Several options: I/O cards, RTD, Arc Flash
  • TRMS disturbance records up to 31st harmonic
  • Communication protocols including IEC 61850-8-1 MMS & GOOSE and Modbus
  • SMART9 licence free software for the entire range
NP900 Series relays
NPF910 - Feeder Protection IED
NPF915 - Advanced Feeder Protection IED
NPM910 - Motor Protection IED
NPM915 - Advanced Motor Protection IED
NPG915 - Generator Protection IED
NPT916 - Differential Protection IED
NPTA915 - Voltage Regulating IED
NPV911 - Busbar Protection IED
NPS914 - Alarming and Indication IED
NPBC915 - Bay Control IED
NPP915 - Power Monitoring IED
NPE915 - Energy Management IED
We offer our PS8000-SCADA supervisor and our Arc Flash AP900 protections in addition to this range.

 Made in Europe


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