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A network of experts at your service

ICE Groupe is, above all, a network of experts at your service. The protection and monitoring activity, from which the group originated, represents the technical excellence and quality of the products. Even today these two aspects are still the basis of the DNA of all the companies in the group.

Ingénierie, Conseil et Équipement Groupe is the parent holding company, based on Société ICE Ice (Industrielle de Contrôle et d'Équipement).

In the progressive broadening of the group to other activities, preference has been given to trades with a high level of technical expertise. This gathering of skills is strongly marked by the culture of the Engineer, giving paramount importance to research and development.

The ICE groupe manages and assists its companies in their operational functions, particularly industrial and commercial functions.

To date, the group is made up of around twenty companies, with more than 1,200 employees and a turnover of more than 140 million euros.

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ICE SAS is built around strong values shared by all giving meaning to our actions for more than 75 years.