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Network studies

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Network studies: Controlling one's network to maintain it better

Optimising the use of electricity in a context of increased competition, while ensuring the protection of persons and equipment, is one of the major challenges facing our businesses.

Since its creation and in contact with major investors, ICE has consolidated the expertise to perform your electrical studies from the simplest to the most complex, in application of the standards in force.

Our study and applications department will assist you in the realisation of your projects:

  • Definition of a protection plan according to the mode of operation
  • Updating of your protection plan when your existing network is updated
  • Studies of the dynamic stability of your network
  • Harmonic studies of your network
  • Execution of ArcFlash studies
  • Sizing of the power elements for an excitation system
  • Simulation and calculation tools: SKM Power*Tools®, Etap®, Matlab®

Our services will also help you in the analysis and understanding of recurring phenomena or phenomena that can result in operating losses.

Finally, a thorough knowledge of your electrical network will allow you to plan the changes required for the achievement of your aims and to better maintain it in operational condition.

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