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NP950 Series - Protection, control, measurement and monitoring IED

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NP950 Series - Protection, control, measurement and monitoring IED

The optimal management of electrical power systems is based on the reliability, availability and communication skills of protection, measurement and automation devices.
The NP950 Series devices offer a modular protection and control solution for applications requiring a large I/O capacity. Up to 11 optional I/O or communication cards are available for extensive monitoring and control applications.
The NP950 Series communicates using various protocols including the IEC 61850 substation standard.
  • 3.2 kHz sampling rate
  • Fully modular design
  • IEC 61850 2nd Edition
  • Large colourful configurable display
  • Up to 11 additionnal module cards (depending on products)
  • Arc flash compatible
  • IEC 60255, RoHS and REACH compliance
We offer our PS8000-SCADA supervisor and our Arc Flash AP900 protections in addition to this range.

 Made in Europe

Product family: 
IEC 61850 - Protection and Control Relays

NP950 Series


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