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NPG957 - Generator Protection IED

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NPG957 - Generator Protection IED

Multi-Function Protection
Synchronous Control
The NPG957 generator protection device is well-suited for large machines that require complete generator protection and differential protection.
The device has an integrated automatic voltage regulator function. You can add up to total 9 optional modules (I/O and other type of modules) into the device for extensive monitoring and control applications.
You can also connect up to 16 RTD signals for thermal alarms and trips. The NPG957 communicates using various protocols, including the IEC 61850 substation standard.
  • Complete synchronous machine protection.
  • Integrated differential protection.
Product family: 
IEC 61850 - Protection and Control Relays
ANSI code : 
50/51 - Three phase overcurrent protection
50N/51N - Earth tank protection
67 - Phase directional overcurrent
67N - Earth directional overcurrent
32N - Directional earth fault
46/46R/46L - Current unbalance / broken conductor protection
50H/51H/68H - Harmonic overcurrent protection / inrush blocking
50BF - Breaker failure with overcurrent
52BF - Breaker failure protection with position rise
87N - Cable-end differential protection
51V - Maximum overcurrent with voltage control
59 - Overvoltage
27 - Undervoltage
59N - Maximum of zero sequence voltage
47/27P/59NP - Positive sequence under/overvoltage protection
81O - Over frequency
81U - Under frequency
81R - Rate of change frequency
32 - Directional power
24 - Overfluxing
40 - Field failure
21U - Underimpedance
21 - Distance relay
RTD - Resistance temperature detectors
49M - Machine thermal overload protection
87T - Transformer differential relay
87M - Machine differential relay
87G - Generator differential relay
55 - Management of the network power factor
64S - 100% Stator earth-fault protection
99 - Programmable functions
50ARC - Arc protection
50NARC - Arc protection
78 - Vector jump / surge
CTS - Current transformer supervision
60 - Fuse failure
CBW - Circuit breaker wear monitoring
THD - Current total harmonic distortion
THD - Voltage total harmonic distortion
40 - Underreactance

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