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More than 75 years of history...

  1. 1947

    Founding of ICE
    First pivotless relay then, type HR relay intended for EDF.

  2. 1950-60

    Measurement and electromechanical timed relays, and protection and auto-recloser units in boxes.

  3. 1972

    Creation of the range of electronic relays for the EDF Blue Brochure plant series

  4. 1981

    Supply of protection systems for the nuclear market

  5. 1986

    Introduction of the first digital relays

  6. 1990

    Commissioning of the first SCADA

  7. 1998

    Supply of digital protection systems for the rail market

  8. 2000

    Take-over of the activities of CEE and TECHNIREL by ICE

  9. 2002

    Supply of the PCCN of EDF source stations

  10. 2009

    Supply of the SAFIRE system for RTE stations


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ICE SAS is built around strong values shared by all giving meaning to our actions for more than 75 years.