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Our Energy at your service

A turnkey service for a wide range of products and services with the objective of satisfying our customers.

ICE is an independent French company specializing in

  • Network Studies and Training
  • Design and Manufacturing
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Maintenance
  • Technical Assistance

The range of our products and services meets the needs of the protection, regulation and control of electrical networks production, transport, distribution (HTA and HTB), industrial and railway.

The control-command and monitoring systems developed by ICE are suitable for the operation of transmission or distribution networks as well as for complex industrial installations.

ICE is represented throughout the world, through its own sales network and its agents.

ICE markets the brands ICE, CEE and Technirel.



Find out about our training

Prescribers Maintenance and commissioning equipment Systems Application and customised training.


Discover our documentary base.

Our Values

ICE SAS is built around strong values shared by all giving meaning to our actions for more than 75 years.