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7000 Series – Static protective relays

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7000 Series – Static protective relays

Static protective relays including ITG, TTG, PTG, IAG… series.
Motor & generator, voltage/power, feeder, synchronous motor & generator protection.
More than 800,000 protection relays installed worldwide.
K3 - Class 1E qualified products dedicated to nuclear activities.
In order to easily replace CEE relays of the 7000 Series without any mechanical modification, ICE SAS provides the NP800R range of relays supplied in an R type case.
Products available:
7000 Series relays  
AMS7001 / AMS7002  Automatic control
DTM7033   Low impedance static protection
HDG7020  Static frequency protection
IAG7014   High impedance protection
IAG7034  High impedance protection
ITG7xx5 / ITG7xx6  Static protection of phase and/or homopolar current
STS7041  Static protection
TTB7011 / TTB7013 / TTB7025 / TTB7026 / TTB7027  Static Protection
TTE7015 / TTE7017  Static protection
TTG7000 / TTG7100  Static protection of phase or homopolar current
WTGA7131  Static power protection


Non-exhaustive list, consult us for further information.

ICE SAS maintains the manufacturing and selling of 7000 Series relays by specific management of component obsolescence.


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