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Technical Support

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ICE leverages expertise acquired both as a designer and manufacturer of protection equipment and monitoring & control systems, working closely with your electrical teams to meet their daily needs.

Integration and custom adaptation studies

Creating custom solutions

Our experts are your partners to analyse your current situation and your needs, understand your objectives and design the right solution to optimise the availability, performance and efficiency of your operational assets.

Our engineering team is at your service to offer you the integration of new elements (rack or cabinet, protections, automation and relaying), custom adaptation and renovation of your installations.

Installation, commissioning and maintenance

Right from commissioning and during the entire duration of the life of the installation, ICE offers you customised assistance within your preventive or curative maintenance programmes.

If you want to renovate your facilities, the ICE's installation teams are your ideal partner.

The support of our team of specialists allows you to guarantee the availability and the proper functioning of your equipment and systems.

Our technicians and engineers intervene according to your needs on the basis of maintenance contracts or in answer to ad hoc requests.

After-sales Service

A dedicated team of technicians is available during our working days from 08:00 to 17:30.

Our services:

  • Repair during and after the warranty of your product
  • Control and expertise of equipment using measuring devices and test benches
  • Software or hardware update

For any problem or enquiry about your equipment, our service is there to assist you and find solutions.

 Material return:

 Download and complete the Equipment Return Form (FRMA), to join to your shipments.


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Find out about our training

Prescribers Maintenance and commissioning equipment Systems Application and customised training.


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Our Values

ICE SAS is built around strong values shared by all giving meaning to our actions for more than 75 years.