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With a solid experience in the field of protection and control of power stations, ICE provides non IPS and IPS relays classified K3 for nuclear power plants as well as other ranges for hydroelectric and thermal power stations in France or abroad.

IPS Relays

Relays with the classification Important For Safety, for equipment and electrical systems in nuclear power stations, are essential to the monitoring, fault detection and even emergency shutdown of the reactor. These relays are fitted to power stations in France, as well as in many countries such as Belgium, Spain, Russia, India and China.

Requirements for nuclear applications

* Seismic qualification tests are performed in compliance with the IEEE standard:


  • Analogue or Digital Technologies
  • Protection of generators in case of an emergency stop
  • Current, voltage, frequency, machine differential rotation relay, differential transformer relay or high impedance relay, the relay synchronisation check
  • Negative sequence alternator relay, loss of relay in the field and rotor earth fault relay


  • A relay designed according to Electricité de France EDF specifications
  • Safety and proven reliability over more than 35 years in nuclear power stations
  • Manufactured with the same design life as that of the power station

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