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For more than 40 years, ICE has been developing and producing specific selective and reliable protection systems dedicated to the rail industry, and accompanying its users in many countries.

Today, the majority of the power sub-stations for high-speed trains are monitored by our systems.

A full range of digital multifunction protection devices provides effective monitoring of high speed trains and conventional train networks.

Our solutions dedicated to the management of networks and the protection of transformers and catenary systems against electrical faults.

Primary Protection functions

  • Minimum impedance
  • Differential current transformer
  • Directional power
  • Fault location
  • Network pumping sensor
  • Recloser
  • di/dt (DC) protection (DC)

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> PDZI9000 - AC Catenary Protection


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ICE SAS is built around strong values shared by all giving meaning to our actions for more than 70 years.