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NPI800 / NPI800R - Digital Protection of phase and homopolar current

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NPI800 / NPI800R - Digital Protection of phase and homopolar current

Multi-Function Protection
Current Protection

NPI800 and NPI800R ensure maximum phase and earth current protection, in medium and high voltage electricity networks against short circuits of all types. These multifunction relays monitor faults between phases or between phase and earth, reverse currents, the thermal state of a piece of equipment, and also the proper functioning of the circuit breaker and its triggering circuit.

These functions associated with an R type modular unit, thus allow the NPI800R to be used for quick replacement, by equivalence of function, of the relays of the CEE relays of the 700 and 7000 series (mechanical interchangeability)

Product family: 
Cable Arrival / Departure
ANSI code : 
46 - Reversal, loss of phase or unbalance phase
46BC - Broken conductor detection
49 - Thermal overload
50 - Instantaneous overcurrent
50BF - Breaker failure with overcurrent
50N - Instantaneous earth fault overcurrent
50NBF - Breaker failure with earth fault overcurrent
51 - Overcurrent
51N - Earth fault overcurrent
74TC - Trip circuit supervision of the breaker
86 - Latching of the output contacts

NPI800 - NPIR800


NP800 - NP800R RANGE


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